Where to Find Luxury Brands Near You

where to buy rolex submarinerIf you are wondering where to buy luxury brands online or near you, you have come to the right place! Here at Luxury Brands 365, it is our mission to scout out the top luxury brand retailers near you. Our luxury brand retailers are at the top of their games and have the overall best customer reviews in your area, which means that you can trust them with your luxury purchases.

That being said, we fully support all of our local luxury retailers, but in the quest for honesty to our readers, we also believe that any luxury brand item can be purchased online. This is because there are many honest, authentic sites that sell all types of authentic luxury brand watches, purses, bags, wallets, clothes, and more. Also, you will find that many sites like Amazon sell luxury brand items at much lower prices than you will find in a retail store near you. And, as a bonus, Amazon also provides certificates of Authenticity, 2-5 year warranties, as well as a 100% money back guarantee!

Let me just give you an example of how much you can save on authentic luxury brands like Rolex. I went to my local Rolex retailer, looking for a Rolex Submariner. I did not want to spend a fortune, but I did want a nice, authentic Rolex that I could give to my husband for a gift. When I arrived, the salesman was great, but after seeing their limited selection of Rolexes and the prices, I was very disappointed.  I had imagined a room full of Rolexes, from the less expensive to the cream of the crop….but that was not the case. They had one Submariner and the price was $9,995! I was shocked because I had seen the exact same Rolex watch on Amazon the night before for $6,995!

I left the local jewelers without purchasing a watch that day, but when I returned home, I went back to Amazon and there it was – the exact same watch but for $3,000 less! Here is the exact listing so that you can see for yourself: Rolex Submariner on Amazon

My mind was blown! This was an authentic Rolex watch, with papers, warranty and is brand new! After reading some reviews, I knew this was the watch I wanted. When it arrived 2 days later in prestine condition and with papers, I was more than thrilled! I had just saved $3,000 and purchased the exact same watch as in my local Rolex retailer.

where to buy louis vuittonAnother example I found in which it is better to buy luxury purses online was when I needed a new Louis Vuitton for my upcoming cruise. When I found a few at the local Galleria I was pretty shocked at the price so I decided to use my phone and search Amazon real quick for the same bag. Low and behold, I found the exact same Louis Vuitton Neverfull Purse for $354 less than what the Galleria had them for.

So needless to say, while you can find great customer service at these local luxury retailers, you will save tons of money on the exact same luxury items you can get in stores when you buy luxury goods online!

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